#9 – The Punisher Review: Season 1

Baraa and Vanessa go through the entire season of The Punisher in one episode. Between Frank’s lack of enunciation, and America’s many wars – it’s a lot. 

#8 – Commercial Break 3: Is it Gonna be Like This Forever?

What better way to start off season 2 than with both our hosts dealing with their quarter-life crises. Baraa and Vanessa reminisce on simpler childhood days where all you had to worry about was which Disney movie you liked least. 

#5 – Commercial Break 1: Motivation + Lack Thereof

In our first commercial break, we do a quick run through of what’s wrong with our lives, and the new Tupac movie. We wrap it up with some inspiration, and a promise to do better. Also, the new OITNB season is way better than what everyone says.