#93 – Pilot Review: Alice in Borderland

Vanessa has been waiting to talk about this show since it aired. Baraa is still waiting to go to Japan…inshAllah. Support the podcast and donate to our Patreon. Follow our Twitter , Instagram , and Facebook.

#73 – Bong Joon-Ho Review: Barking Dogs Never Bite

We’re mixing things up this season: TV show reviews are out, and film director reviews are in. This new format will only last as long as lockdown does, so enjoy it while it’s here. 

#67 – Friends Review: S4E12 & S8E9

Join us as we discuss what has a worse aging process: white people, or comedy from the ‘90s.   Spend that five dollars you found in your jacket pocket here: Patreon. Follow our Twitter , Instagram , Facebook , and Tumblr. Keep rating and reviewing on Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Stitcher, and Spotify!